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LWRCI is a high performance rifle brand delivering custom features and innovation not available with most “out of the box” production models. When you purchase LWRCI you are STEPPING UP to high-performance.

Engineered to Exceed
LWRCI core mission is focused on the relentless pursuit of high-performance firearms; to deliver absolute reliability, consistent accuracy and extreme durability for the warfighter, law enforcement officer and civilian shooter. Using innovative design, disciplined engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials technologies— LWRCI products offers the most advanced, the most reliable, durable and best handling rifles and carbines in the world.

Proven Patented Operating System

The foundation for every LWRCI rifle is our patented, self-regulating, short-stroke piston system. As with all piston rifles the venting of hot gases into the receiver and bolt carrier group are eliminated, improving performance and eliminating the cleaning regime associated with direct impingement rifles. The LWRCI system was the “game-changer” that raised the bar of performance in the industry with improved reliability and ease of maintenance making our short-stroke piston system the envy of the industry.

LWRC International from their website:

Differences in 5.56 piston models

It can get confusing about what the different models offer. For the most part, the lower receiver and components are the same. The upper receiver is where the features change slightly.

Individual Carbine Enhanced – IC-E – Comes with a 9″ handguard and has an adjustable gas block.

Individual Carbine SPR – IC-SPR – Comes with a 12″ handguard and a non-adjustable gas block.

Individual Carbine A5 – IC-A5 – Comes with a 12″ handguard and an adjustable gas block.